May 21, 2024

How To Join The Leagues

Joining the Leagues is very simple. All you need to do is joining our Discord server from this link and after that sending a message to me(Zygote | or any of the league moderators, saying that you want to join the leagues. Also you can send a message to “join the leagues channel”.

The League is played in constructed format, so you gonna need at least 1 constructed deck to play. Bringing 3 decks is recommended. If you like learn more about the format,rules and points system you can check this page Format&Rules – Skyweaverleagues . Also feel free to reach me on Discord if you have any other questions.

There are no age or nationality requirements to join the league. Anyone with a Skyweaver account can join. It is also suggested to create a Community Gaming account for easier access to tournamnets and events. You can access the Community Gaming website from this link: Community Gaming | Automated Esports Tournaments

If the league you want to join is full at the moment, you will be placed to the reserves list. Meaning if any of the participants of that week can not play, you will play instead of them. If there are enough number of request a second or a third division can be formed.