March 21, 2023

What is SkyweaverLeagues ?

SkyweaverLeagues is a tournament based league system. Players participate in tournaments and their position in the tournament grants them points. These points are used for determining their standings in the league.

What is the format of the tournaments and how long will be a league?

The tournaments will be played in constructed, group eliminations for the last 16 and single elimination for the quarters/finals.All game in best of 3 (BO3) format. A league will have 16 players, lasts 5 weeks and each tournament will be played in every 2 weeks. Please read the #format-and-rules in our discord for details.

How do I get points in the League?

To get points, first you must join the league and participate in tournaments. If you finish the tournaments before top8 you get 1 points. If you finish the tournament between the top-8 and top-4 you get 2 points. 4th place gets 3 points. 3rd place gets 4 points. 2nd place gets 5 points and the winner gets 7 points.
1st=  7 Points
2nd= 5 points
3rd= 4 points
4th=  3 points
Top 8=  2 points
Top16= 1 points

What is the logic behind this points system?

We wanted to keep point tight between the last 16 and top 4, because we want to keep the league competitive and give chance to all players to close the gap with the top ranks. In an example scenario a player who finished the first tournament in last 16 has chance to get better scores in upcoming weeks and finish the league at top spots.

How can I join the Leagues?

You can Join the Leagues by joining our Discord server and after that you may send a dm to one of the moderators or send a messege to the Join the leagues channel

Will there be more then one league? What can I do if the Leagues is full?

Yes. After the formation of first division, more divisions will come when enough poeple apply to form a new division.
If the league is full just ask for a new division to be formed.

Will there be any rewards?

Of course. We will start with small rewards at first phases of the Leagues and grow our rewards while the community grows.

Will there be promotions and relegetions between the leagues?

Yes. Depending on your standings you will be able to promote or relegate between the leagues. Leagues will have different tiers such as S league and A league to increase the challenge. More details will come

Who is the developer of the Project? Is this project run by Horizon?

The project is not run by Horizon. Project is run by Indipendent developers. Passionate and long time Skyweaver player Zygote and his teammates.

How can I contribute to the project or Join the team?

We are planning to add donations in the future to help us run the project, cover our costs and reward the participants. You can always help the players in our Discord. 
If we need more people for our project in the future we will let you know. If you have any idea or skill that can hepl us, please contact with us from Discord.

Which platform will be used for tournaments ? will be used for the tournaments. For now Challonge integration will be used to display previous tournament results over the website.