June 12, 2024


Rules and Format

-A league will be played as 5 tournaments, games are played every two weeks. This way a patch won’t hit a game week.
-A league will consist of max 16 players.
-The weeks you play your games are referred as Game week
-A game week will consist of 3 stages. 1-) Weekday games, 2-)Quarter Finals, 3-)Semi Finals and Finals.

Stage 1-) Weekday games

Weekday games are played as a group eliminations. Players will be divided into 4 seeds according to the their standings in the league table. After that they will be placed into 4 groups randomly according to their seed. Group stage games will be played from Monday to Friday and players will decide with their opponents on which day and time they will play their games. Then they will report their scores to a League Moderator. All group games will be played as Best of 3 (BO3). You will play one BO3 vs each player in your group. First 2 of each group will move to the Quarters.

Stage 2-) Quarters

First 2 of the groups will move up to the Quarters. Quarters will be played as Single elimination. All games will be played as Best of Three. Winner of group A will face second of Group D, Winner of Group B will face second of Group C, Winner of Group C will face second of Group B, Winner of Group D will face second of Group A. Quarters are played on Saturday at 2 pm est .

Stage 3-) Finals

Winners of the quarters will move up to the Semi Finals. Semis/Finals will be played on Sunday, again as BO3 format. On Sunday prior to the Finals a Third place game will be played.


-After the end of a game week, you will have one week to submit your decks. “Till Sunday 1 pm est”.
-You are allowed to bring 3 decks, they must belong to 3 different heroes.
-No deck bans
-Open deck lists
-You can submit your decks and report your scores to me (Zygote) or any of the League Moderators.

Info about Standings, Points:

-You can check the standings at https://skyweaverleagues.com/index.php/standings/
-You can check the brackets at https://skyweaverleagues.com/index.php/tournament/

– On the standings page the table has four sections Win-Loss-PD(points difference)- Points
-Win is for every game you won. If you won 2-1 , you will get 2 wins. If you lost 1-2 you will get 1 win.
-Loss is for every game you lost. If you lost 1-2, you will get 2 losses. If you won 2-1, you will get 1 loss.
-PD is your (total wins) minus (your total losses). If you have 10 wins 2 losses, your PD is 8.

-Points are awarded according to your placement at that week’s tournament.
1st- 7 points
2nd- 5 points
3rd- 4 points
4th- 3 points
Last 8- 2 points
Last 16- 1 points
-Number of wins,losses and PD is used as tiebreakers in the standings between players who have same amount of points.

Info about group standings:

-Every BO3 you won in your group counts as a set win and they are the main determinant of who moves to next stage.

-You will get 1 group points for every game you won in your group.These points are just there to determine group standings, do not mistake them with tournament points.

-In case of a tie in the group standings among 2 players, the one who has won the game between them will get an advantage. For ex: If both player A and B have 2 set wins and they have the same points, the winner of the A vs B set will have a higher placement in the group.

– In case we have less then 16 players in a league, some groups may need to consist of 3 players. The tournament platform does not allow groups to have 3 people in them. So we add 4th person as —— into the group. All players in the group automatically win their games against —— and they don’t get any points for this win.

Additional Info:

-You can access all deck codes at #deck-codes or you can view them under the standings by clicking on the player name.
-Please use #tournament-chat for all conversations/questions related to the event on tournament date.
-Before your game starts, please decide with your opponent who is going to share his/her screen and tag a League Moderator to let them know, they will inform us.
-Please only join the voice channel if you are going to share screen, don’t use the channel to view the event, please use twitch for that.
-When you enter the voice channel please deafen and mute yourself, share your screen and reduce the game music volume to 0.
-Use the code LEAGUE to start your private games.
-Please be here 30 mins early and complete your check-in at #tournament-chat .

Link to the SkyweaverLeagues Dicord Server : https://discord.gg/78bACGGyAJ

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