July 13, 2024

10 thoughts on “Skyweaver Set Review – Starter Decks,Part 3: Wisdom

  1. Hi,
    Pretty new to this game, just have discover SkyWeaver yesterday.
    Cyclone Air Spell was really usefull to clean the board against Bouran deck !

    See you in-game

  2. Good writeup with fortunate timing since putting out the article right before all the cards got hammered would have been unfortunate. RIP Lotus but Nihilos is still great.

    1. Thank you, you are right, posting this before the patch would be a disaster 😀 . As you said Nihilos is still doing pretty well. You can DM your wallet address on Discord for Silvers 🙂

  3. Hello!
    My favorite card from the Wisdom started deck is Nihilos, the Hollow. All other wisdom high cost units usually give you delayed value, and in a lot of cases game ends before you can fully utilize it. But not with Nihilos – even if you drop him as soon as turn 10, you still get a lot: huge pile of stats, small board clear that bypasses armor and barrier, card draw and some healing. Frequently playing Nihilos results in turning game around, that’s why I love him as big payback for mana ramping.

    1. I certainly agree with that point, I really enjoy getting benefits out of a card as soon as I play it, especially if it is a finisher. Because of that Nihilos feels amazing to play even after the nerf. Thanks for your comment, you can DM me on Discord for Silvers 🙂

  4. Metal Scion is a cool card in Titus, I even have a deck built around it. I even discovered that Glizzies give +1/+1 multiple times which trigger STR’s “when this unit gain power” effects multiple times with Glizzies in grave. Sadly it requires a lot of setup and Glizzbot hardly stays alive long enough for it to be crazy.

    1. I think the same, Metal Scion suits Titus well, and it is nice to see new cards being played outside of Lotus. Using Glizzies seems like a pretty interesting idea with strength cards, I haven’t seen Glizzbot being used for a while, so it’s cool to bring old cards back, please share the deck if you don’t mind. Also, you can DM me on Discord for the Silvers 🙂

    1. Yes, as the turns pass it gets stronger, I wish it was able to be a little better during the early turns too. Thanks for your comment, you can DM me on Discord for Silvers 🙂

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