April 24, 2024

8 thoughts on “Skyweaver Set Review – Starter Decks,Part 1: ADA

  1. Armis Flagbearer is a card I feel a lot of potential for. Sure it doesn’t really survive well on its own, but at 1 cost it’s very cheap and its minimum value can be easily achieved. Should it be changed to effect summoned units as well and not just played? Maybe. But currently I find it to be an effective enabler for abilities, and is still nice value when you play even like 2 other 1 cost units along with it on the same turn, effectively a 1 cost 2-3. I just think it’s a very fun card.

  2. I am a very new player so my access to cards is limited but I love cleave. It clears heart’s Royal Mummys and Zomoids. It clears Agility’s stacks songbird/Cygnan Pupil. All while Triggering, your “gain attack effects”. And at 4 mana it right after both board are developed to a point makes it good to use on curve or later after you drop a Treefolk Sage just before.

  3. Treefolk sage is a must for this deck in my opinion, in my limited usage of this deck before I switched to others the times when I had treefolk sage on the board for multiple turns are the games that I was able to be competitive. It can be relatively hard to remove but people typically target it once it is out so people attack the sage before the flag bearer and if that happens and they both survive the first card you put out the next turn gets +2/+2. In games that sage wasn’t available the deck was too slow so I lost almost every time.

  4. Just started playing and read this guide. Treefolk Sage is amazing for this deck. Ideally, you drop him on turn 1 and keep him alive for four or five turns which I have found to be not that hard at the low ranks. Combo this Armis Flagbearer for even more fun.

    1. Ahaha yes! I also love doing that, makes the deck very fun(not for the opponent). Thanks for reading the guide and welcome to the community 🙂

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