May 21, 2024

Open Beta Week 1 Decks Info And Tips

Mai Mach Punch

Agressive tempo based deck with Flock Montage as the Win-condition. Cards like Magnanimous and Manage Memory give the deck the ability to bring it out faster or potentially pop off twice with it.
Difficulty: Draw engine is a tad volatile. Cards like treasure chest or curious may be looked at but present their own issues (cobalt and combo piece anti-synergy respectively) 

Bacon's Blaze of Glory

Fire Synergy build with Blaze of Glory as a board buff option. Lots of swarming cards (huntaro, sabletooth, flurry, flock) keep the board full while also providing passive value. The 1c selection is geared towards high tempo plays (1c banners w/ blademaster) and stickyness to allow Blaze to be a threat throughout the game. Glorious Mane has been dropped in favor of Flame Sword, since it is generally more reliable. Difficulty: Value Things like light horik and sitti cheat can roll this deck with the right draws, and lots of cards can end up going minus 1. Additionally, the key build around Blaze of Glory can end up being dead for a large portion of the game. Still a very fun and aggressive deck for more casual games.

Lighthawks Zoey

Zoey build that I’ve found the most success with lately. Differentiates itself from zooey with light dark and air synergies, giving it a generally more cohesive and board focused gameplan. As always, Flock Montage is here as a burst tool, and Dirge has been chosen over bloodhunter for
1 Cross Synergy with Crow
2 Cheaper Cost
3 Higher Ceiling vs opposing non-sitti decks (helps beat armor, zooey, ect)