July 13, 2024

Skyweaver Meta Report October 2023 (12/10/2023)

Welcome back! It’s been a long time

Hello everyone, it has been more than a year since we last released a meta-report. I think it is time to start releasing them again. Lots of things changed in Skyweaver recently. Now we have hero abilities that we consider while building the decks. With the release of the first five hero abilities, mono-prism heroes started to see more use in the game. These were followed by dual-prism hero abilities and now it is possible to see competitive decks with almost all heroes. 

On top of these, we have starter decks and new cards that were released with them. Starter decks are mostly affecting the meta of lower ranks but some of the cards that they feature are being very effective in higher ranks as well. Speaking of higher ranks, this report will mostly focus on Constructed meta on higher ranks, but there will be a small section for Discovery as well.

Lastly, different from the previous meta reports, this one will try to give an overview of what’s going on in the meta more than deep-diving into the decks and ranking them. The aim is to keep it simple so that regardless of the level of players, everyone can understand.

General Overview

I think we can share some stats to have a general overview of what’s being played in the meta. For this report, I will go over my match history and share the stats of heroes that I faced in my last 80 constructed games. I think it can provide some insights about deck preferences. For the next reports, I will try to get more data from the developers.

HeroNo of appearances

Above you can see the number of games played against each hero. The numbers can vary from player to player but they can give us a general view of what heroes are being played currently. I think there are some surprising results in this table. On the date I started writing this report, Axel and Mira hadn’t received their abilities yet, but we see Axel being played. I think the recent Grand Showdown tournament affected the meta as well. At that event, we have seen Axel taking the 4th spot and performing very well.

Another surprise is Banjo. He is one of the heroes that recently received their abilities. Currently, his hero ability is a topic of discussion, players are debating if it is good enough. Seems like players are not so happy about it and he is not getting played a lot. Unlike Banjo, Horik, who is the other hero who received his hero ability at the same time as Banjo is having a good amount of play and Horik decks are performing well in the current meta.

Death Effects are Powerful

In the current meta, Bouran and Sitti are among the most represented heroes. They both have powerful decks, and certainly, their hero abilities are making these decks very enjoyable and effective. Even though Bouran is widely represented, I don’t think she has the strongest deck. But, her decks are not so hard to play and powerful. Also, her hero ability synergizes very well with most of her available cards.

Currently, the Shroom deck is the most common deck that you see. It mainly tries to take advantage of the death effects of shroom units and make other units in the board and hand stronger. Fun Guy is one of the units that can boost the stats of other units and the deck has several ways to access it, such as; Fun Guy itself, Ma Shroom, Mushroom Might, and Shroom Stack. Some variations of this deck prefer to use Blood Hunter, which can allow the boosted board to end the game quickly. The deck also benefits from other units that can utilize Bouran’s hero ability effectively, such as; Sentinel of Qai, Chester, and Scarab of Life.

On top of this, the deck runs Graveroil, which can trigger all of Fun Guys’ death effects in the grave and boost the stats of the units on board. The major downside of the deck is Doom Shrooms which are sent into the deck every time a Fun Guy dies. They can disrupt the game plan of the deck and this can be one of the reasons that can prevent this deck from becoming extremely effective. 

Another Bouran deck that you can see is the Zomboid deck, which I won’t deep-dive in this report. You can find the codes of both decks below. Also, you can use the below link to view the decks. (Big thanks to Tuizz, don’t forget to check his website)




On Sitti’s side things are also going well. Her representation in the meta is a bit less after the last patch because her ability got nerfed but still, she is widely represented and most of her decks are performing very well. Her ability is a great way to create tempo and take advantage of death effects.

3 Spell is the most played deck of Sitti right now. As you can guess from the name, the deck only features 3 spells; Offering, Gift of Qai, and, Undergrowth. The deck has several ways to finish the game. Units can be summoned with Undergrowth and boosted with Gift of Qai. Bloodhunter can open the way for an established board. Scavenboid or Soul Guide takes advantage of constantly dying units and gets very strong. Festival Cannon can go face with its death effect. These are some of the ways that the deck can work, and I think you got the point. The deck has many ways to be effective. It can cycle with Sitti’s hero ability and keep the hand size large, so you can always have options to play.

On the contrary, the other effective Sitti deck usually runs 5-6 units, mostly relies on spells to control the game, and takes advantage of powerful death effects. To explain briefly, the deck uses cards like; Timber, Flame Phoenix, and Festival Cannon and utilizes their death effects to reduce the opponent’s health. Some cards can allow the player to trigger their effects more than once. Also, the deck has cards to pull these units. Recently released Eldritch Egg is one of the cards that finds its use in this deck. It can pull cards like Elder Shroom to boost the player’s mana or Casket which can draw and trigger the effects of finisher units.



Horik’s Return

During the summer period, Horik wasn’t a popular choice among players. With the release of his hero ability, Horik has become a popular option again. Currently, there are many different variations of Horik decks. Players are experimenting with the ability and enjoying powerful strength cards and the death effects of the heart together. The most popular deck is the Zomboid deck. The deck has a similar approach to the classic zomboid deck in terms of cards. The difference is Horik’s hero ability, which is very useful for clearing single threats or making a unit powerful. Since the deck usually tries to have a large board presence, several friendly units can die, and players can use the hero ability effectively.


Let’s Complain About Iris

Maybe she is not the most popular choice right now but it doesn’t change the fact the deck can be too destructive. The cards in Iris decks may change, but the goal is always the same, OTK combo. The deck tries to gain mana while at the same reducing the cost of the air cards in it. Usually, players play a powerful unit such as Norsudovest, send all units to the enemy player’s hand, and open the way. After that they allow Norsudovest to attack on the turn that it is played by using Speed Boots. Since the player has more mana than usual or reduced the cost of the cards, they can play this combo earlier than usual. This combo reduces the enemy players’ HP drastically if it does not kill them. 

Later the player plays Flock, with Mountain Lion, which allows them to summon Aerigos free of charge, and on top of that they play Montage to attack the enemy hero directly and use their regular attack to hit one more time. Well, it is almost impossible to survive this attack if you don’t have tons of health. The combos in this deck are very impressive, and also too effective. Players can also use Cube Junior or Blessed Strike to gain their HP completely back while doing their combo. It is possible to counter the deck if you can play aggressively and not let the combos happen, but still, I think some of the cards in this deck need adjustment to make the Skyweaver experience healthier


Are You Still There Titus? What About You Mai?

Two strong heroes which were widely present after the release of their hero abilities. Are they still there? Yes. Are they still that strong? Well, yes and no. Both of these heroes are still effective. A Mai deck won the last tournament for example. However, they don’t seem as dominant as before. Since meta has evolved more after the last patch, players are experimenting with other heroes as well, and the new decks can compete with the old strong Titus and Mai decks, which I believe is very healthy for the meta. 

The old Armis Titus deck is still present in the meta. The deck aims to take advantage of mana gain cards ,and Titus’s hero ability to summon high-cost units and combine Armis cards with them to gain board presence. Similar to Titus, Mai is also present with her old deck, which tries to utilize one cost synergies to take advantage of Unophobia. Both of the decks are still effective and probably will be for a while.



Fall of Mono Prism Heroes

When they first received their hero abilities the mono prism heroes were very effective, especially Lotus and Samya were creating trouble for a while. Right now Bouran is still widely represented as we mentioned before. But, it is less common to see powerful Samya, Ari, and Ada decks. Unfortunately, Lotus feels like he has disappeared, like the way it did before the release of hero abilities.

The release of new abilities affects this, but it doesn’t mean that these heroes are very weak right now. I still see powerful Ada and Samya decks. Ari is not having his brightest days and Lotus can probably use some power up.

What About Fox, Zoey, Banjo, Axel, and Mira?

Currently, Fox is not seeing enough play in higher ranks. The hero ability is a bit hard to build around, and probably players will experiment with it more. Similar to Fox, it doesn’t feel easy to build around Zoey’s and Banjo’s hero abilities. I see that players are trying to experiment with these heroes but still, there’s no top-tier deck to mention about.

Axel and Mira haven’t received their hero abilities yet at the time that I am writing this report. Because of this, it is understandable for them to have less representation. Still, it is common to see Axel decks. It is a good way to gain health and control the game. Axel was also represented in the recent tournament which may increase his use rate.

What’s Going on in Discovery?

Ada and Ari are still among the most common choices in Discovery. Ada utilizes her hero power and dominates the board with powerful units. On the other hand, Ari uses his hero ability to deal with units and removal spells help to control the game. Both of these heroes were effective in Discovery before the release of hero abilities and they still are.

Different than before, now it is very common to see Bouran in Discovery. Before the release of her abilitity, she was one of the less-represented heroes and right now she is among the top. Her hero ability certainly has a big impact on this, but still, I don’t find Bouran as a consistent choice in discovery, when compared to Ada and Ari.

Final Words

I just passed 2000 words and it seems like a good place to end this report. As I mentioned in the beginning style of this report is different than the old ones, and I am hoping to improve it in time. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are a new player, there are many guides on the website that you can check. I wish the heart of the cards be with you, see you in the Sky!